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Looking for Busbar solutions?

If you are looking for an international, world-class Busbar supplier you've come to the right place. Southern Africa's leading manufacturer and supplier of turnkey busbar systems (with verifiable clients worldwide) is ready to help you - from specification to design, through production to installation, anywhere in the world.


Products, Projects &  Turnkey Solutions

Copalcor's international Projects division provides all-in-one Busbar solutions including the design, engineering, manufacture, assembly and installation of copper busbar and bustube systems.


The operations of casting, rolling and busbar fabrication are all fully integrated.


Copalcor Projects has extensive experience in managing the shipment and installation of busbar systems worldwide.



Busbar size range

  • Length (max)    in excess of 10 000 mm
  • Thickness         6 mm up to 50 mm
  • Width               80 mm up to 615 mm



Major customers

  • Chemical corporations (e.g. Chlor-alkali plants)
  • Electroplating copper foil plants
  • Mining and mineral beneficiation companies involved in the electro-winning of minerals such as zinc and copper (SX-EW)
  • Companies involved in the metals furnace and smelting industries.



Project locations worldwide

  • China
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • South Africa
  • Taiwan
  • Texas, USA



Additional services

Copalcor is often contracted to coordinate and manage the design and supply of other hardware and services associated with busbar systems, including:

  • Flexible connectors, insulation, steel support structures.
  • Painting, electroplating, hot dip solder plating, aluminium busbars.



For detailed information

To learn more about the company behind Busbar Projects & Services, please visit the Copalcor Group site.



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